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Dorema - Starlon Awning Carpet

Dorema have developed a user friendly awning carpet. To ensure the optimal compatibility with your new awning, Starlon is produced in two attractive colour ways: grey and blue.
Dorema Starlon Awning Carpet

This quality carpet is suitable for weekend caravanners as well as the permanent site caravanner. By adding a new environmental friendly ingredient to our exclusive designed weave structure, Dorema have been able to make Starlon light in weight and incredibly strong. Yet, the texture is soft and comfortable especially when the little ones are running around with bare feet.

Accidental stains such as coffee or red wine are easily removed by using a damp cloth. Smells from underneath the carpet are prevented due to the special breathable weave construction of Starlon carpets.

Starlon awning carpet is available in most sizes to suit your awning.

Awning size:

700-800 = 4.m long

800-900 = 5.0m long

900-1000 = 6.0m long

1000-1100 = 7.0m long

What size do I need?

If you have a Dorema Awning use the following guide:

Awning Size Carpet Size Price
3-4-5-6 400x250 cm £49
7-8-9-10 500x250 cm £61
11-12-13-14 600x250 cm £74
15-16-17-18 700x250 cm £85

Awning Size Carpet Size Price
3-4-5-6 400x280 cm £56
7-8-9-10 500x280 cm £70
11-12-13-14 600x280 cm £83
15-16-17-18 700x280 cm £96

Awning Size Carpet Size Price
3-4-5-6 400x300 cm £59
7-8-9-10 500x300 cm £75
11-12-13-14 600x300 cm £90
15-16-17-18 700x300 cm £108

Awning Size Carpet Size Price
4-5-6 400x350 cm £78
7-8-9-10 500x350 cm £98
11-12-13-14 600x350 cm £115
15-16-17-18 700x350 cm £139
Awning Size Carpet Size Price
Porch 200x250 cm £35
Porch 250x250 cm £40
Porch 300x250 cm £45
Porch 350x250 cm £49

Sizes: 3-6 = 700-800; 7-10 = 800-900;

11-14 = 900-1000; 15-18 = 1000-1100.

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