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Awning Companion

If you have an awning, you need a awning tensioner.

With the Awning Companion there are 3 simple steps to get your awning fabric taut!

  1. Place Awning Companion on pole
  2. Tighten Awning Companion thumb screws
  3. Squeeze the trigger to tension the poles

Awning Companion - caravan awning tensioner

The Awning Companion is a simple to use caravan awning pole tensioner. It keeps the awning fabric tight and helps prevent accidental caravan wall damage and no more saggy awning roofs. Unlike the Hercules pole tensioner which applies leverage to the pole fittings, the Awning Companion applies pressure directly to the poles which results in much less chance of accidentally damaging the fittings.

The Awning Companion takes the strain and frustration out of putting up your awning - extra useful on large and heavy awnings.

Great product if you have problems with your strength or mobility - just let the Awning Companion take the strain!

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