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Caravan Awnings Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How easy are awnings to erect?

Some awnings with separate frames have many of the poles linked together in various ways which saves time when erecting, particularly the first few occasions. The latest Inflatable awnings are the quickest because most of the 'poles' are built-in, so need only to be inflated

Q: What is the difference between a porch awning and a free-standing awning?

A: A Porch awning has 3 walls and needs the caravan to hold it up.  A Free-standing awning has 4 walls and can stand alone, more typically used with motorhomes so you can drive away - sometimes called a 'Drive away awning'

Q: Is there an easy way to tension the awning poles?

A: Yes, There are a number of products that allow one person to tension the awning, We recommend the Awning Companion, it is light and easy to use. Particularly useful if the user has any weakness or mobility problems in hands and/or arms.

Q: How do I clean my awning myself, e.g. get rid of mould on the inside of the awning?

A: We advise in the first instance do not use a chemical cleaning product. For further information we advise you read the recommendations from TenCate:
Before removing algae check to see what type of tent cloth you have.
Coated: clean coated tent cloth with a light solution of chlorine bleach in water (ratio 1:10).
Uncoated: only clean with water.
Camping specialist stores also stock special cleaners for ALL types of tent cloth.

Q: What type of caravan awning is best for long-term use in one place?

A: For non-touring caravan use, look for a heavier grade of awning fabric and a steel or fibreglass frame. Our Price List shows 'AS-H' as the All-Season-Heavy type of awning

Q: Can I part exchange my old awning with you?

A: We think that a FREE entry on our "Second Hand Page" (over 1000 viewers every day!) obtains a better price for you . Buyers contact you, not us, when they see your advert. Usually very successful, quick sales result from these adverts, which means more money for you than if you part-exchange

Q: What are the benefits of an aluminium or fibreglass or steel frame?

A: Generally speaking, STEEL is strongest but also heaviest
ALUMINIUM is lightest, but not as strong as steel
FIBREGLASS is lighter than steel but slightly heavier than aluminium and is strong and slightly flexible. (Some users say it's better in high winds, as it springs back straight when wind drops!).

Q: How do I fit a Free-standing awning to my motorhome?

A: There are various methods ranging from poles and clamps, magnetic connectors, 'guy-lines over the roof' and elasticated sleeve edges. Also, they can be attached to your roll-out awning, if fitted, by means of a connection kit.

Q: What size awning do I need for my caravan?

A: Touring caravans have an awning channel into which the awning fits.

Measure your caravan as shown in the picture on the right,
the measurement from ground to ground A-B-C.

Use our FREE awning size advice form.
If you are not sure please contact us for further advice.
Measuring caravan for an awning

Q: What are the benefits of an INFLATABLE or AIRBEAM awning?

A: These Porch and Motorhome awnings are extremely quick and simple to erect due to the integral air tubes which are extremely reliable. Also, their total weight is much lighter than traditional metal or fibreglass frames.

Q: What is an add-on storage or sleeping area for an awning called?

A: There are internal "rooms" called Inner Tents for sleeping. Also, there are Zip-on Annexes for the outside of the awning, used mainly as extra bedrooms but taller versions have other uses: for storage, washroom, kitchen, etc. These Zip-on Annexes more popular because they add extra space to the awning at reasonable cost

Q: Can I fit sidewalls and a front wall to my roll-out awning?

A: Yes, they are know as "Safari–rooms" or "Privacy-rooms" or "G32 Residences" and are made in similar colours and fabrics to the roll-out part. Also, Inflatable porch and free-standing awnings are very popular as add-on rooms for a Fiamma or Omnistor roll-out awning.

Q: What is a veranda bar or pole?

A: This is a pole which can be clamped across a zip-out panel on an awning. It can fixed at any height but is usually about waist high. This enables the upper half of the panel to be turned down - without putting strain on the zips - to form a 'windbreak' effect - useful for keeping 'the breeze off your knees' when sitting in your awning, or for enclosing dogs and small children!

Q: You say delivery is included to any UK mainland address, what about shipping overseas?

A: We regularly ship to overseas addresses at very reasonable rates, please go to our online shop or email us to get a quote including shipping

Q: My awning fabric is damaged, can it be repaired?

A: Yes, companies such as Trio Pair or Tent Valeting Services can offer everything from zip replacement to new windows.

Q: My awning frame is damaged, can I get spare poles?

A: Yes, we can obtain most makes of awning frame parts. Very inexpensive compared to buying a new awning or frame.

Q: Can I get my awning made bigger ( or smaller ) to suit my new caravan?

A: Yes, most awning manufacturers offer an alteration service and there are also plenty of good independent companies which can do most types of alterations in matching fabrics.

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